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7 Key Areas to Pray for in 2016

Christians in Kuwait are asking us to pray for:

  • In the past year, a national woman and her daughter became believers. Pray for their growth. Breaking the pattern of the past, pray for more national women to come to Christ.
  • Roots of bitterness have separated the few national believers in Kuwait. Pray for conviction of sin, brokenness and reconciliation.
  • Pray for long-time workers in Kuwait, who have seen a history of new, national believers coming together, then dispersion and setbacks. Pray for renewed faith, Spirit-led strategies, and the time and determination to carry them out.
  • Pray that the message of the gospel will reach many Kuwaitis through various avenues, and that God’s Spirit will bring many to a decisive faith in Christ.
  • Several worthy programs of discipleship have been offered in the national evangelical church for expatriates. Pray that these international Christians will be motivated to share their faith with nationals in their individual spheres of influence.
  • One Kuwaiti man is an elderly national believer, who has been a believer in Christ for some years. Two of his grown sons have also professed faith in Christ, but their decisions remain hidden from the public. Pray that God will help them be bold witnesses in His timing and plan.
  • Responses to Arabic Christian media have led many to faith in Christ. Pray for effective contact with on the ground believers. Pray that those who are new in their faith will grow and become established in local bodies.

Before the time of Alexander the Great, the location of Kuwait made this area an important trade link between what is now Iraq and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. The tribes were able to also sustain themselves through fishing and pearling.

Kuwait developed a consensus style government that has evolved into what is called a “diwaniyah”, a gathering of men from the community who discuss issues and make decisions. Kuwait did not achieve complete independence until 1962. Today, the Emirate of Kuwait functions as a constitutional monarchy with power vested in the Emir and a parliament.

In the 1940’s, oil was discovered and with it came economic prosperity and rapid growth. Kuwaiti citizens enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world today. Along with affluence, there has come a rapid increase in the population, both of expatriate workers as well as Kuwaiti citizens.

Presently, over 50 different (non-Kuwaiti) Protestant congregations and language groups meet weekly for worship. There is substantial freedom to worship for expatriates, and there is little direct persecution of God’s people. It has been reported that there are approximately 200 Kuwaitis from a Christian heritage. However, public perspective is that all Kuwaitis are Muslims. National Christians usually keep a low profile, and it would be hard to say how many of these are true believers. Kuwaiti believers who converted from a Muslim background, who likely number less than 20, are even less likely to profess their faith publicly, due to the fear of persecution. In 1981, a law was passed that gives Kuwaiti nationality only to Muslims.

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