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  • Raising up prayer for
    Saudi Arabia

  • 7 Key Areas to Pray

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Saudi Incense - Prayer & Worship
A reflections on incense from the Arabian Peninsula

7 Key Areas to Pray

Christians in Saudi are asking us to pray for:

  • Pray for the political leaders: King Salman Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, that God would guide them in ruling Saudi Arabia wisely. Pray that they would use their power to bring about peace and justice. Mohammad bin Salman has brought about radical changes to Saudi Arabia such as allowing women to drive and opening cinemas. He is starting to bring the kingdom in line with the rest of the world. Pray for him as Saudi Arabia is undergoing rapid changes. Pray that these new developments would benefit the people and bring greater openness to the Gospel.
  • Pray for Saudis who feel hopeless and angry. Pray they won’t be lured into terrorism groups but will be drawn to Jesus who is the only source of hope. Pray also for those disillusioned with Islam due to forms of radical Islam. Pray they will not only abandon Islam but embrace Christ.
  • Pray for the local believers who feel alone and/or are persecuted. Pray that they will stand firm in their faith and that others around them will become believers as well resulting in fellowship and glory to God’s name. Pray that God will take away their fear of contacting other believers so that they can have unity. Praise God that the need of the day is for more discipleship. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send and raise up believers to disciple Saudis so that they in turn will disciple other Saudi believers.
  • Pray for the expat churches that they would live a life fully committed to Christ and receive a vision to reach out to the locals and to intercede for them.
  • Pray that the Truth will be presented to Saudis through personal witness, satellite programs, and internet sites. Praise God that a few Saudi believers are doing just this, teaching the Bible in Arabic through YouTube, mobile apps, and websites. Saudis are avid users of the internet and social media. Pray that God will give wisdom to those who run media and internet sites which talk about Christ and the Good News.
  • Atheism is on the rise throughout the Arab World and Saudi Arabia is no exception. Pray that the Lord would draw to himself those who are disillusioned by religion. Pray that they would surrender their lives to Jesus and enjoy true inner change and fellowship with Him.
  • Pray that Matthew 4:16 “the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned” would come true for Saudi Arabia. Pray that Jesus will appear to them in dreams and visions and that many Christians will come to shine their light in areas where there is no witness now.

Join us and thousands of other believers from around the world September 23rd praying for Saudi Arabia National Day.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich history steeped in desert culture. For thousands of years, the Saudis have thrived in the heat and expanse of the Saudi desert. That desert life was forever altered about 70 years ago when 25% of the world’s oil reserves were found beneath the sand. This oil has allowed the Saud family to rule the country through the years.

    Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia. Its importance for Muslims dates back to the year 570 when the prophet Mohammed (the founder of Islam) was born there. Muslims worldwide are commanded to face Mecca five times a day to pray toward the spiritual center of Islam. They pray acknowledging there is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet. One of the key tenets of Islam is a pilgrimage, the Hajj, to Mecca at least once in a Muslim’s life. Approximately two million Muslims from Saudi Arabia and around the world arrive there annually for the Hajj.

    As the homeland of Islam, anything that affects Saudi Arabia potentially affects the whole of the Muslim world. In the past, the Saudi family had succeeded in recycling the oil wealth through the economy to please the masses, providing a comfortable life for most. Since the Gulf War, the amount of money siphoned off the economy by the ruling family has increased while normal people are finding themselves less and less advantaged as their population swells. This is a slow boiling pot politically which could explode at some point in the future.

    The Saudi population is, by government statistics, 100% Muslim. There are few local Christians among the Saudis. While there are many foreign Christians living and working in Saudi Arabia, churches for them are not officially permitted. The Saudi government is also known to be a generous contributor to the propagation of Islam around the world. Despite this, many Saudis are very approachable on the topic of religion. Many Saudis travel internationally, and it is quite easy to speak to them about Christ, especially when they are away from their homeland.

    Saudi Arabia Prayer Videos

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