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  • Raising up prayer for Yemen

  • 7 Key Areas to Pray

  • Peace is key

    The Sunni / Shi'ite conflict has increased


7 Key Areas to Pray for in 2016

Christians in Yemen are asking us to pray for:

  • Yemen is now undergoing a major war. Its few oil fields are not producing. Cities have been bombed and the infrastructure is collapsing. Pray that those who are starving will receive food and that those who are homeless will have shelter. Pray for peace and for the rebuilding of Yemen.
  • Before the 7th century, Yemen was a nation of many Christians. Then as Islam spread, most Christians were either killed or converted to Islam. Pray that all Yemeni people will hear about the personal relationship that they can have with Christ and return to their roots.
  • Yemen has a history of sending its young men around the world as day laborers, business men and students. They keep in touch with family at home as they send money back to their communities. At the present time, some Yemenis are leaving as refugees, fleeing from the chaos in their cities. Pray that each one of those abroad will hear about Jesus and his love for them. Pray that they will believe and send the Good News back to their families.
  • Pray John chapter 1 over the country of Yemen. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” (v1) “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it” (v5). May the power of the Gospel be spread to every man, woman and child.
  • Qat is a narcotic leaf that many people in Yemen chew every afternoon. Much water is needed to grow the plant in a country which is running out of fresh water. Money which should be spent on the needs of the family is given to the qat sellers. Pray that the bondage of qat in Yemen will be broken.
  • Thank God for brothers and sisters in Christ who continue to be a witness in Yemen. Pray that God will provide for their needs even in times of war and economic disaster. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead them to be “ wise as serpents and gentle as doves” (Matt 10:16). Pray that their numbers will increase.
  • People from many nations have worked in Yemen in the past. Because of war and unrest, most cannot live there now. Pray that they will be advocates for Yemenis, help with aid or economic initiatives and be able to keep encouraging their friends who live inside the country. Pray without ceasing for Yemen.

Yemen is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the world. The country was once part of the Kingdom of Sheba (the famed Spice Route) whose queen brought rare and costly gifts to King Solomon. When Islam was born in the seventh century, Yemen was one of the first countries to follow the new religion and is home to two of the oldest mosques in the world.

For a number of years Yemen was divided. South Yemen was the world’s only Arab Marxist state. North Yemen was more traditional and tribal. After a brief civil war in 1994, the South was defeated and the country was united.

Yemen is by far the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It has always struggled with poverty and underdevelopment, but the current civil war has devastated the country, killing over 6000 people and displacing 3 million from their homes. The good news is that many are coming to faith in Christ. There are more believers in Yemen than in any other country in the Arabian Peninsula, an amazing work of God since Yemen is one of the most Islamic countries in the world today.

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